Quick Lunch

  • AIPA Quick Lunch: configuration for entire linux server.

    1. Unzip previously downloaded aipa.zip archive on your server.
    2. Locate the script inaccessible from outside.
    3. Edit 1config.ini.php, and set one or more API Keys
      1. s_skey[]: array with API secret keys from abuseipdb.com. You should sign in (abuseipdb.com) to receive Your key.
      2. 2settings.ini.php - serverConfLocation:
        1. For Apache - restrict.conf file. Usually /etc/apache2/conf.d/ or /etc/httpd/conf.d/
        2. For ModSecurity - /etc/modsecurity/aipa_custom.conf

          SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "!@pmFromFile AIPA-whitelist.txt" \
          chain,deny,nolog,id:199,rev:2,msg:'IP Match: IP is on My IPs Blacklist',severity:'3'"
          SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "@pmFromFile AIPA-blacklist.txt"
    4. Run script:
    root@server:~/AIPA_0.9.4# ./aipa.run start
    1. Go to /var/log/AIPA_version/ to check AIPA log files.