Advanced settings

  • 1config.ini.php - must look at this

  • $userID = "0123";
    To use old API you should set userID. If you are new registered user on, only new API will be available  and $userID is not mandatory.

    $s_key[1] = "LONGkeyHERE";
    $s_key[2] = "secondLONGkeyHERE";
    Look for this var on your abuseipdb account.

  • 2settings.ini.php - nice to configure for special needs

  • NOTE that configuration file is ready to run. You should not change any variables unless you know what you're doing.

    $abuseipdb_request = "json";
    You can set this var to "json" or "xml". Please consider that has changed webservice and API on 05.2016. AIPA uses "xml" to connect to old style API and "json" to connect to new style API. As Your account is older than transformance happen You are able to use two API's at the same time. At this moment (2016.05.17) connections limit is not summed up between API's. Allthought... thnik about changing xml to json when You reach the limit :)

    $abuseipdb_days = 730;
    This var work only for "json" connection. As a result of query you will receive only IP not older than abuseiodb_days.
    Check for IP Reports in the last 730 days.


  • $scanport1 = "80";
    $scanport2 = "443";
    Ports that should be scanned. If You are note sure if 443 is used on Your server You can leave $scanport2="443".

  • $categories = "12,4,10,3";
    Check documentation on for available categories. For AIPA purposes we reccomend:
    3    Fraudulent Orders
    4    DDoS Attacks
    10    Forum Spam
    12    Blog Spam
    15    Hacking
    16    SQL Injection


  • $LazyUpdaterTTL = 7;
    Time To Live in Days. After this value older IP's are deleted.

  • $RespIP[0] = "" // badbot
    Malware type. More info at:

  • $RBLaddr = "";
    Relay Block List. You can provide any blocklist You wish and after that configure response types.
    Please note that we only test on environment.

  • $RateInc = 4; // Increase rate on positive check
    Value that is added to actual Rate. Severely increases probability of postitive check.

  • $openblURL="";
    URL to file that store abuse IP.

    $RateOpenBL = 3;
    Value that rate is inceased on positive check.